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A Targeted Approach

Root Cause Analysis Nutrition is a driven focus on finding the underlying problem and applying corrective action to prevent a condition from occurring or reoccurring. It is the jack of all trades that masters in nutrition that works to eliminate autoimmune disorders, food allergies / sensitivities, promote weight loss, and is dedicated to your health!

We specialize and individualize your care directly for your body based on your Health & Dietary history, Genetics, Symptoms, and Functional factors.

We are redefining the meaning of health care. Where else do you have 5 days a week access to your specialist? Where can you find life coaching included? Where else can you have a specialist work with your doctor to help shape the care that you are receiving? All of this and more included with every package that is designed and priced just for you. Where your at. With what you can handle and manage. RCA Nutrition is dedicated to making sure that ALL of you is healthy!

Features You Won’t Want to Live Without

Data Driven

The power of nutrition is found in the numbers. One set of numbers alone doesn’t tell the whole story. However, when you start to combine them together the real issues comes into full view. The body is also not a static system. It is growing, changing, and healing. Because it is dynamic, so is our approach to make sure you stay on track to reach your goals.

Results Orientated

No magic. No sales pitch. No rock band. There is just you, us, and a finish line. The line that we will draw in the sand together that says you CAN be healthy. You DON’T have to suffer anymore. There ARE answers to why you feel the way you do.

Research Led

The body is a complex combination of systems that work together. If you affect one part of your body, the whole system is affected. There is nothing healthy about shoving medication down your throat daily and not getting results. There’s also nothing helpful about licking every plant in your backyard. Our system is backed by scientific research and time tested results that are proven to work.

Don't take our word for it!


We provide Nutritional coaching to help with –

  • Weight Loss
  • Allergies
  • Food Intolerance
  • Genetics
  • SIBO
  • Candida
  • Oxalates
  • Histamine issues
  • Gut issues
  • IBS
  • Hormone balance
  • Thyroid issues
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Chron’s
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Mast cell disorder
  • Brain injuries


Newsletters include seasonal wine updates & events for scene.


Health & Wellness: Anywhere, Any time

A Unique Combination Of Nutrition And Coaching Designed To Produce Results.

Our specialty is YOU, the person who’s wants high levels of success in life and business and that same level of success with your body and health.


The ultimate convenience is that you can do our program anywhere in the world, whether you are working out in your office, at home, or a hotel in Tokyo. You’ll never be too busy to take care of your body again.


Root Cause Analysis Nutrition is specifically designed for the person who values results and appreciates having someone help them get to the finish line. I’ll devise a customized program to accomplish your goals and set you up for success.

The benefits of our work with you include:

  • Losing weight without having to work out
  • Getting off medication
  • Reversing Diabetes, Metabolic disorders, and Auto-Immune disorders
  • Healing the gut where the foundation of your overall health resides
  • Ending the continuous cycle of being tired or exhausted

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