About Us

Certified Nutritionist and Master Fitness Trainer

Suzi’s certifications have grown to include:

  • Nutritionist
  • Bio-Individual Nutrition
  • Nutragenetics
  • SIBO Practioner
  • Master Fitness Trainer

A Targeted Approach

Suzi is known in the industry for her progressive techniques and proven results. Not only is she a nutritionist but also a Master Trainer, you get the complete package, which brings the results you are looking for quickly.

Suzi Dobias guides and coaches her clients to a lifestyle change that will help them form new habits and ways for long-term results and sets them up for the success they are looking for.

Why Nutrition Coaching?

The reason I do what I do is simple. I want to see people set free from what is holding them back. To replace healing where there is sickness and peace where there is pain. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life I want you to know:

That I have been exactly where you are at. I have struggled with health issues when nobody understood. I had reached out for help and wasn’t getting the answers I needed. I knew there was something wrong and I didn’t want another medicine to take. I wanted to know what was causing my problems so they could be fixed, not ignored and put a band-aid over them. I have learned not only through my life experiences, but through my advanced training as a nutritionist how to find the root causes of people’s issues. Most people struggle with their weight and make no connection with the fact that something is not working right in their bodies. Making that connection for them and watching their lives change for the better is worth it’s weight in gold. God has healed me and equipped me to help others so they can be free from the diseases, illnesses, and weight issues. I do what I do because I love helping others in ways that no one else can.

My specialties include: Weight Loss, Auto immune disorders, Hormone imbalances, Thyroid issues, Blood sugar dysregulations, and digestive issues like SIBO, Candida, Leaky gut, and Food sensitivities, Lyme, Mold, POTS and MCAS.

  • YOU CAN have your dreams come true
  • YOU CAN succeed where other methods have left you wanting more
  • YOU CAN have your dreams come true

It Wasn’t Always Easy….

For many years I had acid reflux and digestive issues because of the things that I was eating. Things had gotten so bad and out of hand that I had to have surgery where they took the top portion of my stomach to be wrapped around my esophagus to help tighten the valve that was so damaged. You would think this would be a wakeup call for me and my love for sugar. but it wasn’t. I continued down this road until my health got worse again and I wasn’t really healing. I developed candida and leaky gut. I was a hot mess to say the least.

It wasn’t until I fixed this last piece to the puzzle until things started working right again and I was healed from so many issues and no longer had to take acid reflux medication.

The New Life you’ve always wanted starts with one choice. It is rooted in hope, it is grows through action, and it matures through dedication to something greater then yourself.

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