I contacted Suzi with a goal to not just lose 10 maybe 15 pounds but to simply reclaim my energy and enthusiasm through healthy eating. I also needed clarity on what vitamins I should take and foods to eat even though I could read books to figure it out yet there was so much conflicting information. Suzi had me do blood work, get off BC pills and I ultimately lost 35 lbs. I kept a gratitude list of all my wins:

Discovered just wow much I used to food as a reward or emotional support. My dentist said I had the cleanest teeth he’d seen. I discovered I love bok Choy. I began to have cravings for healthy foods. Kids wanted me to stop buying them junk food. I became patient with the inconveniences of my day, making dinner. clear concentration and focus with clear head. Clogged left ear & sinuses all cleared up (I think I lost 2 pounds just from that inflammation going away). No snoring. No need for a new mattress like I thought, sleep sooo great now.

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