Keto? Weight Watchers? Calorie Counting? South Beach? Jenny Craig? Atkins? Cabbage soup? You name it and I’ve tried it. Sure, I’d lose a few pounds and then plateau. Of course I would gain the weight back and then some. I have a handful of pesky health issues and some chronic injuries and just assumed I was destined to look and feel the way I felt. After one conversation with Suzi, I was convinced she could help me. I was a little skeptical of truly being able to lose weight, since I’ve tried everything else with little success.

Boy, was I wrong! I have lost 25 pounds, several inches and sizes in clothing. My cholesterol has come down, my thyroid is balanced, my anemia is improving. May pain is decreasing. I am exercising. I’ve reduced medications. I am healing my body. Let me repeat that – I am healing my body! None of this would be possible without Suzi’s knowledge and coaching. My only regret is that I didn’t know her sooner!

Working with Suzi has been the absolute best decision I have made with regard to my health and lifestyle. Has this required hard work, commitment, & effort? Yes, most definitely. Is it worth it? Heck Yes! I have said several times prior to this journey, that I didn’t want to grow old in this body. My injuries and health issues were life limiting. I’m getting my life and my body back. If you’re hesitant, leap anyway. You won’t regret your results or your experience with Suzi.

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